We are proud to offer the finest communication services available in the region. Our staff consists of two Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD®) that work closely with customers to understand both existing system requirements and future network expansion before completing a comprehensive AutoCAD design package. Our design proposals include floor plans, detailed specifications, riser diagrams, rack schematics, and more. The design and specifications are then efficiently and skillfully implemented by our highly-trained BICSI Certified Technicians.

Whether your project requires pathway installation, outside-plant fiber optic cable, clean-up of an existing cable plant, or a complete design-build solution, Defiance Electric & Crossover LLC will work closely with the you to design and implement a system capable of supporting present and future network requirements. We take pride in our work and our attention to detail is evident in all of our completed projects.

Continue below to learn about our expertise in Fiber Optics, Security, Sound Masking, and Systems Integration.


Affiliations & Certifications


Fiber Optics

Unparalleled fiber optic design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Defiance Electric & Crossover Inc recognize the importance of fiber optics in our customers’ network applications and have invested heavily into the necessary knowledge, training, and equipment to ensure that our customers receive unparalleled fiber optic design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our approach to fiber optic services remains consistent with our core principles of providing scalable solutions that satisfy existing requirements while concurrently creating an infrastructure that facilitates future expansion. The result of this approach is a fiber optic network that cost effectively fulfills today’s networking goals while also providing the ability to seamlessly meet future bandwidth demands.

Our expertise in fiber optic installations extends from intra-building premise wiring to outside-plant (OSP) requirements. Our in-house proficiencies and company-owned equipment enable us to provide and service both underground and aerial applications. Regardless of the situation or challenge, Defiance Electric & Crossover Inc has highly trained, certified designers and installers that are experienced in providing solutions for any scale fiber optic project. Please reference our information below and contact us for further information.




Scalable systems to minimize your company's specific vulnerabilities

Regardless of their size, industry, or location, every organization today faces certain risks and security concerns. Defiance Electric & Crossover’s approach to security follows the same customer-centric philosophy that all of our services employ; before we can design or implement a security system that will effectively protect your organization’s critical assets, we first work with you to identify what those critical assets are. Once identified, Defiance Electric & Crossover take the time to understand the risks that could affect these assets, working closely with you to design and implement a scalable system that will minimize those vulnerabilities and their inevitable effect on your business’ processes and profitability.

As an organization that strives to keep pace with technological advances, Defiance Electric & Crossover specialize in network-based security systems. Through partnerships with industry leading manufacturers like Honeywell Integrated Systemsand Axis Communications, Crossover provides integrated security systems for card-access, surveillance, intrusion alarm, and more. These IP-based systems can all be managed through your organization’s network, creating cost-effective solutions that facilitate seamless scalability across multiple sites.



Systems Integration

Solutions that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

The Systems Integration team at Crossover Inc specializes in delivering technology solutions that satisfy the unique needs of our clients. The responsibilities of IT Teams continue to increase; our Systems Integration services save valuable resources by allowing your IT staff to concentrate on their various tasks while we efficiently integrate new solutions with your existing systems.

To ensure that your completed system adequately meets your requirements, we begin by documenting your existing environment and taking the time to understand your specific needs. We believe that constant communication with end users is imperative and provide extensive documentation of all of our work once a project is complete. Our resulting Turnover Package includes

  • Hardware Specifications
  • CAD As-Built Drawings
  • Comprehensive Configuration details
  • And more


Sound Masking

Increase privacy, productivity, control, and compliance

In the perpetual search to find ways to improve employee productivity, few investments that organizations find pay for themselves in less than one year. However, that is the return on investment that companies are realizing when invest in speech privacy through a Sound Masking solution.

The use of open office facilities has become standard in today’s workplace, and the number of employees that organizations attempt to fit into these spaces continues to increase. This cramped work environment creates distractions for all employees and decreases the level of speech privacy throughout the office…sometimes eliminating it altogether.

Investing in speech privacy is an investment in productivity. Implementing an effective sound masking solution that establishes speech privacy allows employees to focus on their work; studies reflect productivity increases of 3 to 20 percent1 per employee in workspaces with sound masking systems. It’s simple—controlling the noise in your office environment allows employees to think more clearly and be more productive—making a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Defiance Electric and Crossover are proud to work with a variety of vendors, includingSpeech Privacy Systems and Lencore Acoustics Corp, leaders in the sound masking industry, to provide Sound Masking solutions to our customers across New England. These manufacturers are the preferred choice for organizations such as General Motors, Bank of America, Pepsi Cola, NBC, US Air Force, AmerisourceBergen, General Electric, and many more.