I want to thank the Defiance team for a smooth go live for the long awaited Row B here at the Tele Atlas! This project has been a long time in the making, and represents a significant increase in our data center capacity and delivery capabilities. Working with the team has been nothing but a professional experience. The on site professionals carry themselves well, are dedicated to the tasks at hand and the overall integrity of their work, and work to maintain the production state of our data center during construction. I look forward to the next phase of this data center project and thank everyone at Defiance for making the work fun!
— Bambi Rivera, Tele Atlas
From day one, the gentlemen from Defiance working in our office have been professional and friendly in a way that is missing in many of the vendors we often see. We have enjoyed having them here in the building so much that it will be strange not seeing them on a daily basis anymore. They were courteous and helpful above and beyond their dedicated roles. I hope they know how much they are appreciated!
— Linda Giner, Mascoma Savings Bank
I am just blown away the work that the Defiance Electric crew did wiring the space that is dedicated to AVA’s future computer lab. Thank you—all of you!—for this significant contribution to the AVA Gallery!
— Bente Torjusen, AVA Gallery
It’s a pleasure working with everyone from Defiance. I have come to just expect the vendors that work with Defiance to be as professional and easy to work with as the in-house team , and they always are. Thanks to Defiance and their supporting teams for pulling off another project!
— Alister Cate, ANSYS Inc