The Data Center as we know it has rapidly evolved as companies invest and rely heavily on their network infrastructure.  As Data Centers grow and server capabilities increase, organizations know that they must adequately control numerous components of the Data Center in order to ensure the efficiency of their network operations.  The traditional and complex legacy approach to the electrical and mechanical design of the Data Center forced customers to oversize their UPS, electrical, and mechanical systems to accommodate future growth, leaving them with large upfront costs and operating expenses on a system they were not utilizing 100%.

Each Data Center that we design and install is efficient, integrated, and scalable. 

  • Efficient: every solution maximizes space utilization and adequately satisfying  load requirements without wasting essential dollars on ‘oversized’ systems. 
  • Integrated: our solutions allow electrical, communications, cooling, monitoring, security, and UPS/emergency power systems to function as one cohesive unit instead of independent entities.
  • Scalable: each component is arranged to allow our clients to seamlessly and cost-effectively expand their Data Centers without requiring downtime.

Defiance Electric & Crossover, LLC are proud to work closely with American Power Conversion (APC) and are certified to design and install the InfrastruXure™ system. As distinguished partner of the year in 2006, we helped organizations solve existing power, cooling, monitoring, and ups/generator power problems in everything from wiring closets to large Data Centers. Today, we continue to revolutionize Data Center design and create, scalable, integrated, and efficient solutions for our customers.